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Carol Moss, LCSW
Teletherapy & Coaching for Adolescents & Adults


The Heartland Spa

“Carol has a calming and compassionate manner.”

“Her lecture was thoughtful, well-organized and very applicable.”


Full Bloomed Lotus,  EFT for Weight Loss Class

“I took the EFT workshop in hopes of finding some support for my New Year’s weight loss goals.   I found it fascinating and extremely helpful as a really valuable tool that WORKS to keep me focused, balanced and on track.   Whenever I feel tempted or weak, I can “tap” (privately) and just get back to my core of focusing on my goal and remembering I’m worth achieving what I want.  It was VERY valuable and Carol is an excellent, patient and kind teacher.”


”I really enjoyed Carol’s non-judging approach to weight loss and found the EFT Technique helpful in achieving my goals.”

“Over the past year, I have attended a number of EFT workshops held by Carol Moss.  Each time I have been able to access different aspects of my life, creating change for the better.  EFT is a tool that can and should be added to the arsenal of coping mechanisms for day to day living.  Carol is a gifted and intuitive instructor, healer and social worker.”


University of Wisconsin School of the Arts at Rhinelander

“Joyfulness and peace best describe this class.”

“Carol is prepared and exudes the calm, creativity she extols. She led us to discover our well of quiet vibrant creativity within, but untapped.”

“She was phenomenal.”

“Carol makes everyone feel very comfortable with her wonderful personality and affirming presence.”

“Just bring her back again!!”

“Carol is just top drawer. Very skilled, calm, clear and I benefited tremendously.”

Office Location

2530 N. Crawford

Suite 201

Evanston, Illinois

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